Ambuj Tewari
Ambuj Tewari | अम्बुज तिवारी
Director of Master's Program in Data Science
Department of Statistics
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (by courtesy)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

In Every City, There's a George Floyd

My research group is engaged in fundamental research in the following areas:

I like to work in multi-disciplinary teams and am currently interested in machine learning problems arising in several scientific areas, especially behavioral sciences, brain sciences, chemistry, learning sciences, life sciences, and medicine. My work has been supported by an NSF CAREER grant (2015), a Sloan Research Fellowship (2017), an Adobe Data Science Research Award (2020), and a Facebook Research Award (2021). I am an Action Editor for the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

My alma maters are IIT Kanpur (B.Tech., 2002) and UC Berkeley (M.A., 2005 and Ph.D., 2007. Advisor: Peter Bartlett). I was a research assistant professor at TTIC from 2008 to 2010. From 2010 to 2012, I was a post-doctoral fellow at UT Austin where I worked with Inderjit Dhillon and Pradeep Ravikumar.

My younger brother Anuj Tewari is a Research Manager at Facebook.

Activities at U-M I'm involved with:

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